About Us


Finer Aspect Digi is think tank of like minded persons to venture into something that is unknown but yet within imagination.The imagination is to build ecosystem around products that are redefining the way of living beyond the existing ways yet made in India and also taking them to world.The main objective is to partner with those kind of creative founders and enable them to reach that extra mile that is something every young organization would like to but have challenges to become.

We are currently Partnering with TouchMagix™ is a next gen digital technology company that aims to engage consumers in an unforgettable experience. TouchMagix™ offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor, Interactive Wall, Multi-Touch and MagixFone™. Mr. Anup Tapadia, the founder of TouchMagix™ is a young entrepreneur who, as a teen, visualized the ability and scope of gesture-based and multi-touch technologies. TouchMagix™ is fast becoming synonymous with engaged audience as companies around the world try to get their digital messages across in today’s ah-so-busy communication world.

We are also  Partnering with Jay Robotix is a company of enduring strength that invest significant time & effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offers a unique perspective and insights to our clients. Jay Robotix educational division into a global market leader in providing student centred experiential learning robotic software and hardware tools and Industrial division into a strong back bone for Indian automation needs.

We are also partnering with Phoenix Robotix with product called Aurassure that do the do the following

As we live aware we live healthy and prosper well!

  • Understand the effect of the environment on your precious health
  • Enables citizens to have access to real-time environmental information and provide a forum for discussion, debate and sharing.
  • A dedicated and sustainable initiative towards smart city growth and development.

Finer Aspects Digi Products

Simple & Elegant User Interface

Interactive multi-touch surface computing technology with a motion sensing gesture control interface lets users navigate interactive content on a floating panel, , multi touch surface screen, interactive table or interactive window. Surfaces can be configured with a multi-touch interface for multi-touch or multi-point interaction.With no projector or hardware to be seen.