A Simple to Code Software

Learn C with programming puzzles

Program your Own Robot

Learn Physics while working on Programming



Robox is a self paced STEM Learning tool based on Robotics to motivate, inspire & engage students with interesting projects & activities. Students build various automated working mechanisms using Building blocks, program them using Roboguru software, Robobrain and accomplish the required task using his/her creation.

Play & Learn Programming

Interactive, intelligent and easy to use software with a 3D game like structure which enables a student to code in simple English like instructions.

Learn building great mechanical structures

Components include blocks, motors, gears, sprockets, sensors, wheels etc., help the students to put his/her idea into action by creatively constructing mechanical structures. Students learn various structural aspects while building creative mechanical structures with the given components.

Convert mechanics to automation

RoboBrain is a brick with a reprogrammable circuit which can be programmed through Roboguru Software. The programmed Robobrain can add intelligence to a mechanical structure to execute wide variety of tasks.

Learn Science, math, programming & build on it.

Step by Step curriculum mapped with various Science & Math Concepts learnt during the high school education. Access to detailed instructions & trainer Videos. All the projects and activities are also captured in the form of the videos.


  • Programming Skills
  • TechnologyScience Technology Engineering & Math Skills
  • AnalyticsAnalytical Logical & Problem Solving Skills
  • EnhanceEnhances scientific temper
  • Enhance SelfEnhances Self learning skills with steep learning curve.
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Curiosity & Intuition
  • Assess Students Strengths & Weakness
  • Realize the Student’s areas of interest